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Playlisted is the app you never knew you needed, but won’t be able to live without. Get to know the favourite songs, movies, television shows, books and apps of your loved ones, just by following their accounts. Playlisted makes it easy to track everyone’s different interests with regular updates on the latest favourites, right through to classic and vintage loves from all genres. And you’ll never be stuck for gifts around birthdays, Christmas and other occasions because we’ve got gift wish lists covered too.


Thanks to our easy-to-use app, you’ll be able to share playlists with your loved ones and connect with other users who have the same interests as you. From top 40 hits, right through to alternative, classical music, hip hop, jazz and more, everyone is welcome to use playlisted to store and share their favourite tunes with others. You’ll be able to discover new artists, make recommendations to people, ‘like’ tracks and receive notifications when someone in your network updates their lists – easy! Love music? You’ll LOVE Playlisted.


Movies have changed over the years and here at Playlisted we understand that it’s almost impossible to choose just 10 of your all time favourites to feature on your list, so why not make sub-categories and you set the theme. From your top ten action movies, to your ultimate ‘chick flicks’, there’s a place for all your faves on Playlisted. Stuck for ideas for your next movie night? Why not check out one of your friends’ lists for inspiration, or find out what your favourite movie stars sit down to on their nights off.


Need to get back in to reading but not sure where to start? Our clever search strings mean you’ll be able to connect with people with similar literature tastes and find inspiration from their lists. User reviews will also give you a feel for a book before you go and buy it.


We understand that everyone’s tastes vary and when it comes to watching, listening, reading, wanting, no person is the same. Get to know the people around you by finding out what they love. What song does your bestie like to chill out to? What’s your mum reading this week? What does your cousin want for Christmas? It’s all at your fingertips with Playlisted. We’re making it easy to enjoy your favourite things and even easier to share it with your favourite people.